Anthony Toner

Anthony Toner

Anthony Toner

Anthony Toner - the SHORT version:

Anthony Toner is a singer songwriter based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He’s currently celebrating the release of his 14th album, Ghost Notes Vol 2, a collection of cover versions of songs from artists as diverse as King Crimson and Elvis Presley, and will be playing dates across Northern Ireland, Scotland and England throughout 2024.

Anthony - in his study/studio at home - portrait by Molly Martin

Famed for his engaging between-songs patter and his accomplished guitar playing, he is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular live acts, chalking up dozens of live shows a year as a solo acoustic artist, ‘In the Round’ with friends, and also on electric guitar, playing slide blues in the Ronnie Greer Blues Band. In each setting, his command of the instrument and his voice are pressed into service to deliver some of the finest lyrics you’ll hear in contemporary roots music.

He’s been described as ‘James Taylor meets John Prine in a second hand book shop’, and that about captures his style – literate, warm, insightful and connected.

The Belfast Barge

Friday 28th June 2024
Doors: 12.30pm
Tickets: £16.75